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Looking for a really good place? You need the address for your visa.

Booking your accommodation

Decide if you need us to provide accommodation
If you need visa, then it is important to have an accommodation booked for the duration of your stay. And finding one on yourself IS NOT easy. If you need visa to enter UK, you need to show that you have accommodation arrangement, or your visa may be refused.
Select type of your accommodation
Variety of accommodation are available. Choose one based on your needs. Families are advised to select a family place.
Book and pay deposit
You will pay £250 non-refundable deposit for the booking of your accommodation. You can pay either on-line (paypal) or at the bank.



Decide if you need accommodation

Ask yourself:

Do I need an arranged accommodation in London?

Well, yes! London is a huge place with lots of hassles to get a rental place.
  • It is not easy for students from abroad to find a place
  • Renting estate agents need documents you most probably do not have
  • The renting procedure can take up to few weeks
Your other option would be to stay in a hotel room, which won't be that comfortable and it is expensive.
For UK visa application, you need to show that you have accommodation arrangement.

Why we get you an accommodation?

Simple. We need you to be safe and secure, to spend less time and money and to be comfortable as in your home. We want you to concentrate on your study and success.

How good is to get it from us?

Our accommodations are clean, close to amenities, with facilities installed (such as cable or satellite TV, internet, phone, fridge, etc.) and with nice design.
For families, our places are designed to be comfortable and friendly.
You will not find these easy in London yourself.


Now decide for yourself:

Yes! I book an accommodation.
OK. Are you our student? Yes   No
Your student (or application) number:

No! I don't need accommodation.