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UK student visa

This is a bit long and complex, but we tried to keep it understandable, short and simple

UK Student Visa
Tier 4 General Student, Adult and Child

UK Student Visa? Tier what?

About UK Student Visa

• UK has a system to check eligibility of people applying to get visa: The Point-Based System.
• There are various visa types under Point-Based system. The one given to Adult General Student (who can study whatever s/he like) is called Tier 4 (General). For children it is called Tier4 (Child). Only a naming convention.

Who decides about your visa?

An authority called UK Border Agency or UKBA. This agency decides about visas via its Visa Officers. UKBA itself is an agent working under a bigger authority called Home Office that is run by Government.
Visa Officers are hired by UKBA sitting in British Embassies as their workplace. British Embassies (or consulate)are being run by Foreign Office.

Do I need to get UK Student Visa?

No visa needed ONLY if you are a European citizen (with some exceptions for Eastern European), or one of your parents are British citizen or if you are an overseas British, or if you are from Commonwealth Countries with one of your grandparent born in the UK.

Otherwise, you need to obtain a visa.

How can I get UK Student Visa

You need 40 Points + Documents

30 points for having a valid confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) with an approved education provider ('Tier 4 sponsor'), + having acceptable English language skills;
10 points for having enough money to cover your course fees and living costs.
There are additional requirements for certain types of course.

What are the requirements for visa?

Approved Sponsor (and CAS) + Minimum English Language Level + Money + Place to live

CAS: UK Education Office provides you with a valid CAS from trusted UKBA approved UK sponsors.

English Language: The minimum level of English language you need is based on the course you choose.

    Just as a rough guide:
  • for general courses you normally need intermediate level
  • for undergraduate normally IETLS 5.5
  • for postgraduate normally IETLS 6.5

Money: You have to pay for the full amount of your course and get unconditional acceptance letter and any other expenses and have a valid receipt.
You also need to show that you have enough money available to support your living cost for the duration of your course. The bank statement with bank signature and seal will do.

    You need to show that you have:
  • £800 per month in inner London
  • £600 per month outside inner London

Accommodation: We strongly recommend you to show that you have a place to stay during your study.

What about my family?

Be with your loved ones

You can bring your family dependants. Those are your wife or husband (even unmarried or same-sex) and children under 18, only if you are studying more than 6 month in the UK.
You also need to show they have enough money to support them.
    You need to show that they have:
  • £533 per month in inner London for each dependant
  • £400 per month outside inner London for each member

Can I change my UK Student Visa?

Yes. You can change your sponsor and some changes is visa

Working while you study in the UK

The law around student immigration recently became stricter. Don't worry if you are genuine.

Start studying in UK!


DISCLAIMER: Although we did our best to provide you accurate and up-to-dated information, but since the laws and regulation are changing constantly, we can not guarantee that the information provided above is 100% correct.